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Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors

Black Hawk County Officials

Iowa Legislators - Senators

Iowa Legislators - Representatives

Headshot of Senator Bill Dotzler.

Bill Dotzler

Iowa Senate District 31

Headshot of Senator Eric Giddens.

Eric Giddens

Iowa Senate District 38

Headshot of Representative Jerome Amos, Jr.

Jerome Amos, Jr

Iowa House District 62

Headshot of Representative Timi Brown Powers.

Timi Brown-Powers

Iowa House District 61

Headshot of Representative Bob Kressig.

Bob  Kressig

Iowa House District 75

Headshot of Supervisor Tavis Hall.

Tavis Hall

Headshot of Supervisor Linda Laylin.

Linda Laylin

Headshot of Supervisor Tom Little.

Tom Little

Headshot of Supervisor Chris Schwartz.

Chris Schwartz

Headshot of county recorder Sandie Smith.

Sandie Smith


Headshot of Sheriff Tony Thompson.

Tony Thompson


Headshot of county auditor Grant Veeder.

Grant Veeder


Headshot of county attorney Brian Williams.

Brian Williams


State and County Elected Officials

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