A Message from our Chair

You all once again make me so proud to be the chair of the Black Hawk County Democrats.

In a tough election, with little time and many obstacles in our way, you still showed up. You showed up to vote, to knock doors, to make phone calls. You showed up to spread the word and to support our candidate and our campaign.

There is no way we achieve victories like these without all of us working together. Everyone, whether you came to help one time or showed up to do the work every day, whether you knocked one door or 100, whether you showed up with food for the volunteers or just stuck your head in to offer encouragement, every one of your contributions made a difference. In Black Hawk County we are a team and WE did this together. I thank you all.

We must also acknowledge and extend our appreciation to those who responded to our call and stepped in to help Eric Giddens for Iowa.

So many candidates and their campaigns came to help us get our message out, setting aside their own efforts and sending their teams to help with whatever we might need. We are so thankful for them. It is amazing what we can do when we all pull together.

We offer our congratulations and appreciation to Senator Elect Giddens and can't wait for you to be sworn in and go to work for all of us here in Black Hawk County.

-- Vikki Brown
Chair, Black Hawk County Democrats