Black Hawk County Convention 2020

The 2020 County Convention will be held remotely. No in person event will take place.

Delegates and Alternates elected at their precinct caucus in February will be contacted by the Iowa Democratic Party with information on how to register for the convention. Those who register and are seated as delegates for the convention will then receive further instructions on how to complete the voting process online, by mail, or by phone. If you are a delegate or alternate and have not received your registration email please contact us by email at

usiness of the convention to be considered is:

The 2020 Remote Convention Booklet, including the 2020 Proposed Platform for Black Hawk County can now be viewed online.


The business to be conducted at the 2020 Remote Convention is:

Election of delegates and alternates to the district and state conventions.

Election of committee members for the planning of the district convention.


Election of the County Affirmative Action Chair.

Ratification of the Platform Committee report.

Any registered Democrat who resides in Black Hawk County is eligible to be nominated for any of the above elected positions. If you are not a delegate or alternate to our county convention and would like more information or would like to self-nominate for any of these positions please email us  or visit

Important Dates

April 13

The Iowa Democratic Party will begin to send registration information to all delegates and alternates. 

Online registration opens for the convention at 9am. 


April 17

Final day to register for the convention. 

Online and phone registrations will close at 5pm. 

Mail in registrations must be received. (Please mail early!)

April 22

Ballot information will be sent to those delegates and alternates who registered and were seated as delegates for the convention.

April 30

Voting will close at 5pm.

All online ballots must be completed and submitted prior to the 5pm deadline. 

The postmark deadline for paper ballots returned by mail is April 30, 2020.

If you have any questions about the convention, self-nomination for any of the positions voted on during convention, or your status as a delegate or alternate, please email us or visit