Iowa Caucus 2022

Monday, February 7th

Doors open at 6pm, Call to Order at 7pm

Masks are required to attend the caucus.

The Black Hawk County Democrats will caucus at the following locations:

UAW Hall in Waterloo, Lincoln Elementary in Cedar Falls and Hudson Library.

Doors will open and registration will begin at 6:00 pm. You must be in line or signed in by 7:00 pm to participate. All eligible voters that are registered democrats may participate. Voters may register or change their declared party affiliation during caucus registration. To find your caucus location please see the location lists below.

If you live in one of the communities listed below your caucus location is:

UAW Local 838

2615 Washington Street


Barclay Township

Bennington Township

Big Creek Township

Cedar Township


Eagle Township

East Waterloo Township

Elk Run Heights


Fox Township



La Porte City

Lester Township

Mt. Vernon Township

Orange Township

Poyner Township


Spring Creek Township


If you live in one of the communities listed below your caucus location is:

Lincoln Elementary School

321 W 8th Street

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Township


Union Township

Washington Township

If you live in one of the communities listed below your caucus location is:

Hudson Public Library

401 5th Street


Black Hawk Township


Lincoln Township

The purpose of this year's caucus is to:

Discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform

Elect delegates and alternates to the county convention

Elect precinct representatives to the County Central Committee

Save time with pre-registration!

You can pre-register for the caucus by 2/4/2022 at this link:
Black Hawk County Caucus Pre-registration

Nominations in Absentia

If you would like to be nominated for the position of precinct representative to the County Central Committee, delegate to the county convention or alternate to the county convention but are unable to attend the caucus, you may self nominate in absentia by submitting your name, address, and phone number through email to or by calling the Democratic office at 319-236-2992.

Deadline for self nominations is Friday, February 4th at 8pm.

Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made by email to

Make no mistake about it.
The election of Joe Biden and everything it represents has been under attack
since the moment the last ballot was cast.
In 2020 we said, No More!
Now it’s time to rekindle the passion and commitment we used to turn back the
forces of greed, exclusion and isolation.
Together, we can deliver a new message in 2022 — Never Again!

This year’s mid-term elections aren’t the calm, low-key affairs of the past.
They are the calm before the storm.
And every Iowan knows — the time to prepare for the storm is long before it hits.
For when the storm arrives, it’s already too late.
Too late to protect what we love.
Too late to protect the progress we’ve made.
Too late to protect the right to choose and to choose who to love.
Too late to protect health care and education, voting rights and human rights.

Let you voice be heard by joining us on February 7th.